Holly Seeley

Artistic Director, Choreographer, Dancer

Hello. I'm Holly Seeley. I hold a Master of Arts degree in Dance from Texas Woman's University and Bachelor of Arts in Spanish Literature from the University of Texas at Austin.

Before moving to Los Angeles, I began dancing in Texas in independent contemporary companies (among them the Jazz Ballet Company of Austin under Diedre Russell, and Commedia Ballet Theater under Natalie Kramer and Chasen Greenwood), freelance commercial-dance-style industrials (Mary Kay Seminars, Sally Beauty Industrials, Eclipse Entertainment), commercial projects (Columbia Pictures Promotional for Good Morning Texas), and contemporary ballet work. I founded and directed Preston Hollow Dance in Dallas, Texas for many years.

At Texas Woman's University, with the guidance of Dr. Rosemary Candelario, I honed the art of writing about dance. Dance works have their bases in world cultures and this became a point of interest for me.  In my movement practice and research, I regard contemporary dance works as rhetorical, non-verbal, persuasive communications. I continue to research contemporary dance in culture and I am investigating its similarities to sign-acts, a spiritual and physical phenomenon described in the ancient writings of Ezekiel and Jeremiah.

My training in dance was guided by many influential teachers over time.  My most inspiring and influential teachers include Rosemary Candelario and Gracie Whyte.  In the past, I trained and/or worked under dancers including Densil Adams, Diedre Russell, Dana Lewis, Lyn Wiltshire, Jose Bustamante, John Merrifield, Sarah Gamblin, Mary Williford-Shade, and Jordan Fuchs, among others.

Outside of dance I love being a mother to my four children.  I sing at church and professionally as a  SAG AFTRA vocalist and my background vocals can be heard on many pop songs.

Also within the world of dance, I invented The Dance Angel, a unique patented luggage line for performance artists.

My future goals lie in teaching and creating new dance works with collaborating artists. Connecting art and literature is a special focus for me. I currently serve as president, and an active volunteer, with Artlandish, a non-profit charity bringing art to every member of the community.