Choreography / Dance and Performance Art by Holly Seeley.  Expanding the sensory experience in dance. Awakening a spirit of playful engagement and enjoyment of our physical world.


Classes and rehearsals take place in the studio in L.A. and on the seashore in Malibu.  Performances are sand-specific and take place on the beach. The Sand Dance Project goes beyond site-specificity. It is a texture-specific practice.

The waves are dancing 24 hours a day on a proscenium stage.  The beach is an expansive, and reactive dance floor.

The natural light, fresh air, and pliable surface is a sensory experience unlike a studio or theater setting. This practice is a challenge to the rituals of location and confinement.

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The sand offers a different tactile experience from a traditional dance floor surface (texture to sense, use, manipulate, and with which to experiment).

Sand becomes a design component in real time. Tracks of body movements are seen in the reactive, manipulable surface.




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Aerial camera drones offer a fresh perspective for dance film. This top-down view gives a two dimensional feel, displays tracks in the sand; the traces of motion from the tips of fingers to the flicks of toes. Post modern contemporary floor work is viewed from a new vantage point.


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