Choreography / Dance and Performance Art / Conceptual Art by Holly Seeley.  Expanding the sensory experience in dance. Awakening a spirit of playful engagement and enjoyment of our physical world.


The majority of classes, rehearsals, and performances take place on the seashore in Malibu. The Sand Dance Project goes beyond site-specificity. It is a texture-specific practice.

The waves are dancing 24 hours a day on a glorious proscenium stage.  The beach is an expansive, soft, and beautiful dance floor with endless artistic possibilities.

The natural light, fresh air, and pliable surface is a sensory experience unlike a studio or theater setting. This is a challenge to the rituals of dance practice location and a rejection of the boxy confines of traditional venues.

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The sand offers a different tactile experience from a traditional dance floor surface (texture to sense, use, manipulate, and with which to experiment).

Sand is the dance floor and canvas. Sand becomes a design component in real time. Tracks of body movements are seen in the designs left in the sand.

Sand is a reactive, manipulable surface.




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Aerial camera drones offer a fresh perspective for dance film.  This top-down view displays tracks in the sand; the traces of motion from the tips of fingers to the flicks of toes. Sand responds to movement, dramatizing effort and multiplying the visual effects.



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