Choreography and Dance Performance by Holly Seeley and collaborating artists.  Tactile movement art. A sensory experience for the dancer and observer. Acting as artist-stewards of our physical world.

Sand Dance Project forms part of Artlandish, a 501c3 arts organization.


Based in Los Angeles,  performances are texture-specific and take place frequently on the beaches in the sand of the shore. Going  beyond site-specificity, Sand Dance Project is a texture-specific practice. The beach is an expansive, and reactive dance floor.  Natural light, fresh air, and the pliable surface offer  sensory experiences deserving of our notice and engagement.

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The sand offers a different tactile experience from a traditional smooth dance floor surface (matter to sense, use, manipulate, and with which to experiment).

Sand becomes a design component in real time. Tracks of body movements are forged in the reactive, manipulable surface.

In theatrical concert settings, we seek textural elements and adapt by creating stage installations that integrate matter into our works.



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Aerial camera drones offer a fresh perspective for dance film. This top-down view gives a two dimensional perspective, displaying tracks in the sand. Post modern contemporary floor work is viewed from a new vantage point.




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